2007 Veterans Day Poetry

“Veterans Day”

Every heart filled with sorrow

Not knowing if they will see tomorrow

Missing their wives, children, and friends

Fighting for us all until the end


Through day and night tired and hungry

Wishing for a warm bed to rest in peace

Half the world does not realize

How hard these people fought to save our lives


What they went through

To be sure we have the clothes on our backs

With a roof over our heads

Seeing their friends lying there, not knowing if they are wounded or dead

Fear in their hearts a gun in their hands

Hoping they won’t have to kill yet another man


So I pray for all the brave souls

Who fought for our freedom

Who played most of the important roles of future America

I pledge allegiance to the flag

Every day to thank you for your dues

You courageous veterans


-Grace Shinn., 8th grade

“Those Who Should Be Remembered”

I am not a fan of war

Just like many who fought before,

Although I do not like these fights

Sometimes they are needed to protect our rights.


One reason veterans are important to me

Because of their bravery our country is free,

I have relatives that have been in war

I could not think of a sacrifice that could be more.


From the beginning of our country to today

I remember you veteran every day,

With a full heart of gratitude and respect

Thank you veteran, I will never forget.


-Kelin Briant., 8th grade


 A true man is not defined by medals

Or how many fights he’s won.

A true man is defined by respect,

The noble actions he does.

I know a true man, humble and brave,

He denied a purple heart for his deed.

The reason this man did this, not of arrogance

But that a black comrade should have received.

This true man though, did not leave empty handed.

He has a bronze star and lost a leg.

For his country, for his fellow man,

This is who a true man is.  This is what a true man did.

This true man is my grandfather.


-Molly Stenerson., 9th grade

“A Poem of D-Day”

 “Onward, onward.”

The commander said,

As many young men lay fallen and dead.


“Onward, onward.”

Said with a tear in his eye,

For he knows that no matter what many will die.


“Onward, onward.”

The sand turning red,

From the innocent, the young, the dead.


“Onward, onward.”

They faithfully obey,

In order to save other lives that day.


“Onward, onward.”

Such a simple command,

Causing so many deaths,

But saving our land.

On that day that those brave men,

Stepped upon crimson sand.


-Bryan Merrill., 9th grade