2008 Veterans Day Poetry

A Veteran to Me

-Nathan Turner, 8th grade

A veteran to me

Is a person who is brave

And will put everything aside

To give everyone their freedom

And to save their precious lives

Someone who is dedicated

To serving their country

Someone who is strong and bright

And fights for what they know is right

Someone who is disciplied

And can accomplish anything

That is what a Veteran truly is to me

And that is why I sincerely say

Thank you all you great men and women

For keeping me out of harms way

My Brother

-Brianna Bussey, 8th grade


My brother is a soldier, but to me, a hero.

He's the one that calls on holidays and tells us he wishes he was home.

He's the one that has to miss birthdays, graduations, and weddings.

He's the one that we barely recognize when he comes home.

He's the one that fights for our freedom, which we don't always get.

He's the one that spends Christmas with a rifle in his hand.

He's the one that barely gets any sleep at night.

He's the one that has to work all day in the blazing heat.

He's the one in Iraq risking his life at every moment.

He's the one that receives letters from home that remind him exactly why he's fighting.

He's the one that has to watch his friends get shot, and can't do anything about it.

He's the one risking everything he has, for our country.

He's the one that counts down the days until he's finally home.

He's the one that is always in the back of our mind.

He's the one that we all love and miss very much.

He's the one that will never be forgotten.

A soldier to America, a hero in my heart.

Days of Honor

-Cody Kallinen, 9th grade

We honor the men

The women

The people

Who have and are serving for our freedom.

Though many don't know

The respect that is needed

That is deserved

And is earned

For those who go through war.

Because not all go through it,

Some struggle

Some crawl

And others fall,

But not all make it through.

So we must realize

The respect that is needed

That is required

And earned

For those who experience war.

And for that we have

A day of honor.

A day to respect

A day to show reverence

And a day to honor,

Those who fought for our freedom.

For those who experience war.

Unknown Solider

-Jessica McDowell, 9th grade

I salute you

Unknown Soldier

For all that you have done

For my country, my family, and myself

I thank you

Thought I have yet to meet you

And I probably never will.

I thank you

Unknown Soldier

For rising up in our country's time of need

For standing straight and tall

I admire you

Though you were scared of the bullets, which rained ceaselessly

And your gun shook in your hands.

I admire you

Unknown Soldier

For being able to bear so much pain

For war can damage a man, sometimes beyond repair

I honor you

Though I'm not sure if I could walk in your shoes

And so I shall honor you dear veteran until the day I die.

I will pledge allegiance to the flag

Each and every day

And will proudly sing our anthem

At the top of my lungs

For you, Unknown Soldier

And for my homeland

America, America God shed his grace on thee.