2009 Veterans Day Poetry

Who They Are

-Madison Gale

Every day, you see people in your everyday life, and wonder,

Who are they?

They are men and women everywhere.

They are the men and women who fought

For everything.

Not only for justice, and what is right,

But for everything they have ever known or believed in.

They fought for their families, their coutnry, their religion, and their memories.

They are the brave men nd women who sacrificed their lives.

They are men and women who had been close enough to death to taste it, and

never lost hope...

How many people can say that?

They are the men and women with scars

On more than their skin.

They are the men and women, who all have a story to tell,

And while their stories are all unique, they are also the same, in the way that

They will never be forgotten.

Not by themselves, their country, or the world.

They are the men and women we honor on Veterans Day each year.

The men and women we see on the street each day,

The men and women who believed in something beautiful.

And there are many words; so many that you could fill a book, that could be used

to tell their story.

Their story, of who they really are.

But the best way to really say it is,

They are Heroes.

Our Veterans

-Ryan Hungate

America has people to do the job of slaying men.

They volunteer to go and fight;

To defend what we have,

Against those who would do us harm.

These citizens are our soldiers

These people fight the oppressors, the freedom extinguishers;

And prevail against them.

They fight for your life daily,

They willingly go out to die,

So you can live in peace.

These are our veterans.

These people are called by many names;

Soldiers, Heroes, Friends, Family, Freedom Defenders.

They live normal lives,

They fight for our liberty;

And they die heroes.

They are remembered with pride and grief;

These are the things that define these people.

These fellow men.

Give everything they have in wars.

Their families sacrifice their

Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, and Mothers;

For months or forever.

Veterans make sure that all you have to worry about

Is if you have enough money to buy a car,

Or if the stock marked is up or down;

Not of your freedom or your human rights,

Not whether you have to fight for your life every day.

They have defended every right we have today,

Fighting world wars or wars on terrorism.

Through sacrificing their life blood on the battlefield,

We shall give them the honor and thanks,

They so greatly deserve.



-Leilani Lagua

You are the reason our flag is still standing.

You are the reason why I am still living my life.

You choose to fight not because there's a job that has to be done but,

because you want to help change the world for others.

You fight until the job is done and never let us down.

You may think you are just doing what needs to be done.

But you're really doing more than that.

You let new babies be born, let kids run and play, let people voice their opinions,

Let sou lmates get married, let kids and teens get an education, and much more.

You give out love even though yours is fading because you can not see your loved ones.

You risk your life just so others can move on with their day.

You get up and get ready for a new day not knowing what's to come of it and still keep going

I can truly say that you are the strongest and bravest person I know.

So thank you for everything you have given up to let

Me live freely.

The Commitment

-Nate Asbury

Many make the commitment.

The commitment to our country.

To protect us from harm,

To stand on guard for thee.

It was a commitment that you and I may not even consider.

Yet when we talk of war, of service,

We talk as if we were there.

But we weren't.

Those brave men and women were.

Standing tall for their country,

Giving their all.

But when we think of a veteran,

What is it we think of?

A young man, clean shaven,

Standing alone while

Making a valiant attempt to

Stop the enemy?

That isn't what a veteran is.

A veteran is someone who puts their country

before themselves.

Not always someone who holds the weapon,

But who makes it.

No, a veteran is human,

Making mistakes like you and I.

They are still parents, sons, and daughters.

But they are something more.

Choosing to serve their country,

Instead of their country serving them.

Taking the words of JFK, MLK,

And many more,

Putting them to use.







So when you think of a veteran,

Remember this: remember that commitment,

The bravery.

And when we remember,

Remember those who lost their lives


But remember those who are still alive


Living among us.

Thank them for their service,

For their commitment.

For that they have done,

And continue to do.