2010 Veterans Day Poetry

You Are My Hero
by Kayla Go

You are my hero.

Your life, sacrificed for freedom.

For me,

I honor you.

I praise you.

You fought a battle.

Win or lose.

Your life ended there.

You are a hero.


The sacrifice for strangers,

You showed your courage,

Your heart.

Because, you are my hero.


Normandy, France,

Arlington, Virginia.

Many lives were lost.

Good lives were lost.

You are the solder known only to God.

His hero.


Although you never left the battlefield,

Your bravery is remembered.

Young or old, those soldiers stand before me.

Because of you,

I am free, and so is our country.

You are, forever, my hero.


The Cost of Freedom

by David Fraser


Who told you freedom was free?

Whoever it was, they must’ve not had been a soldier.

Freedom has an expensive price.

Tears, bravery, cries.

Sometimes, lives.

Sometimes, faith.

Sometimes, souls.

And sometimes, watching them perish.

But still they fought bravely with boldness.


For me and even you.

I did nothing for them nor did you.

But still they stood willingly to die, for me,

You, their family, and their nation.

With no doubt, they paid the fee of freedom.

Now we can only pay them back with two things,

Respect and honor.




The People We Call Veterans
by Brandon Pham

The people we call veterans,

Are much more than our average citizens,

They are the nation’s protectors;

They fight day and night just so we can have our freedom.

Veterans go across seas leaving their families,

So we can sleep though the night knowing that we are safe.

From the Army, to the Air Force,

From the Navy, to the Marines,

From the Coast Guard and even citizen soldiers,

All have great significance to our nation,

Because of these people we have our independence,

Freedom and much more that other countries do not,

These people fight risking everything they have,

But do not expect anything in return,

We all should greatly appreciate these heroes,

For all the sacrifices they have made,

Just so we can wake up safely each morning.

Thank you, our nation honors you veterans.




by Kayla McElligott


He played with me when I was little

He didn’t yell at me when I followed him everywhere

He was adventurous and I loved him for that

He played with me when I was little


He talked with me when I got older

He told me stories, for I would listen

He was fun, I wanted him to stay with us

He talked to me when I got older


He joined the army and I miss him

He flew in the army with honor and a fun filled heart

He knew what he was supposed to do and he did

He joined the military and I miss him


He went away when I could tell him stories

He knew I missed him with all of my soul

He was not here to talk to anymore

He want away when I could tell him stories


He came back when I was older

He talked and I would listen

He was filled with wonderful, fun-filled stories

He came back when I was older


He left again when I was older still

He hasn’t told me anything about where he is

He hasn’t told me stories in over a year

He left again when I was older still


He hasn’t come back yet

He says where he is once in a while

He lives his adventurous life

He hasn’t come back yet


He is my cousin

He is a soldier


I look forward to his stories, they always stay with me

But one day, I want him to stay with me too