2011 Veterans Day Poetry

Our Country’s Heroes

They answered the call,

Those men and women,

The ones that sacrificed all they had,

So that another may have freedom.

They answered the call,

When their country needed them most,

Their loved ones were threatened,

And so they left all they ever had,

So that others may breathe another day.

They answered the call,

So you don’t have to.

They gave up everything,

So that your family, your friends, your neighbors,

Will live another day.

They gave up everything,

For you.

-Liam Geisler, 9th grade

What Do you See?

He seems himself in the mirror

Takes a good look from head to toe

Breathes in deeply

And tells himself that he is ready

A mother sees her son

Looks at his boots and uniform

They would have been too big just a few years ago

She gives him a kiss and reminder of how much she loves him

A boy sees his big brother

One day he’ll be just as big

And be just as smart too

He gives him a bear hug and tells him that he will miss him

I see a solider

Walking by, standing tall

I’m overwhelmed with respect

To him, I give thanks

What do you see?

-Kathia Gonzales, 9th grade

There are men out there,

With courage.

The courage to fight,

The courage to risk,

And the courage to protect

Their family,

And many others,

From afar

There are also women out there,

With courage.

The courage to leave

Their children,

And comfort them

With the hope

That they will

Come back.

There are people out there,

Men and women alike,

With courage.

The courage to protect

Their nation,

And everyone in it.

-Elana Nelson, 8th grade

Soldiers March

Brothers, Marching in rank

Providing for each other

Defending each other…

Fighting together,

they fight-

through death,

through pain…

Sacrificing so much…

Knowing risking their lives,

Their unfulfilled lives,

For they might Never to see their loved ones again

Yet they keep marching…

Marching on

They passed fallen soldiers

Soldiers With no expressions…

Our fallen heroes

Heroes that are never forgotten

For what they did…

What our comrades dired for..

For our brothers to march on…

And continue the march…

For they not just fight for our freedom…

But the freedom for all….

Into war they march and go…

They are Brothers,

Brothers to the end…

-Kevin Phan, 8th grade