2012 Veterans Day Poetry

A Soldier’s Cry
-Apars Walia, 9th grade

In the middle of the night
While we sleep safe and sound
You can hear the faint sound of a soldier’s cry,
“Give me the valor to venture into the unknown,
And give me the courage to conquer my fears.
Give me the strength to watch my friends fall,
And give me someone to lean on.”

And as I hear this soldier’s cry,
I pray that he hears me
As I shout into the night,
“I owe you so much, and
Yet I can find no words
That compare to your bravery.
And even though I will never understand
The loneliness that you feel,
Believe me when I say,
I stand by you through every step of the way.
And for all of the things that you have done,
I hope that you know how much it means to me.”

-Connor Lewis, 9th grade

They fight for our country.
They respect and defend our country.
They die for our country.
They are patriots.
Those that risk their lives everyday to keep America free.
Those that go months without seeing their family to fight in wars.
Those that do not know when the next attack will come, but will always be ready when it does.
They are patriots.
As long as they are there, we are safe.
As long as the flag is flying, they will be there.
As long as there is evil in the world, they will keep fighting.
They are patriots.
The ones that heeded Uncle Sam’s call.
The ones that have seen all the horrors that the world can bring.
The ones that fight through the storm.
They are patriots.

Those We Honor
-Brittany Kelly, 8th Grade

Those we honor are the ones we can count on
The ones who fought bravely for us
The ones who died for us
The ones who sacrifice themselves to pave the way
To a better nation, a better world
Those who may not be in our history books
But are always respected and remembered
The true heroes of today, tomorrow, forever and always
Their work may not have paid off yet but in time, it will
And until then, and even when, we will salute them, and always remember
What they had to give up, to make our lives easier, livable
These are our veterans
And we will be forever grateful to you
Never will you be forgotten

A Man
-Daniel Moore, 8th Grade

There is a man who walks among us
Who seems like everyone else,
Yet he isn’t
For he was a prisoner of war
A marksman
A man that was a Ranger then a Green Beret
A man who enlisted in the Army at age 16
And served in Vietnam 3 times
A man who has 2 bronze stars and a silver star
A man who has 7 purple hearts
A metal forehead and metal knees
A man who I respect
Not just for serving this fair country
But also for being my Grandpa,
Whom I love