2015 Veterans Day Poetry

Veteran’s Day Poems 2015

Written by Columbia Junior High students

Read at Veteran's Day assembly - 11/10/15

The Radio Man

-Darrion Brunelle, 2015, 9th grade

They called him the radio man

He worked in a small box,

On a big boat,

Keeping track of the incoming

And outgoing signals.

He was my grandpa Tony Schiercher.

In all of the 15 years I’ve know him

Not once did he ever mention his work in the Navy

Because it always hit him in a soft spot

As whenever it came to mind,

So did the horrific tales of WWII and Korea

And all of his lost brothers.

Looking back to this day,

Not once did I ever thank him

And I wish I had

Just because he didn’t hold a gun

Doesn’t mean he was in any less danger

He still went out to seas

Knowing that any day he could be dead.

Now he has passed,

And I miss him ever so dearly

So as I write this poem,

The only words that will mean anything to me, is

Thank You

And may life in Heaven

Be better than life was on this earth.

One Little Picture

-Carley Wahlgren, 2015, 9th grade

Uncles, Grandfathers, and Great-Grandfathers.

They’re not just family to me: they’re my heroes.

I remember as a child creating little drawings with my dad to send to my heroes on the upcoming holiday.

The drawings included the appropriate scene of the branch from which they had served, and a figurine of them holding our country’s flag.

And instead of coloring in these drawings we would cut construction paper to fit the size of where we wanted to put it.

I was very proud of our artwork.

In years past I remember asking my heroes if they kept their drawings all this time.

The response that stood out to me the most, was from my grandpa.

Now, he hadn’t served, but his dad had.

My great-grandpa died a few years ago; from old age.

But when my grandpa had gone in his house to collect some things, he found one little picture hanging above his desk.

And can you guess what that picture was of.

A man, standing on a boat, wearing a blue uniform, cut out by construction paper, with the words, “Happy Veteran’s Day!” displayed across the top.

It’s still framed to this day, hanging up at my grandparent’s house.

Happy Veteran’s Day, Great Grandpa Hansen.

A Call to Become…

Simon DeLibero, 2015, 8th grade

A call was issued

A call, answered

by the best we have to offer

A call to arms

A call to stand, risk life and limb

In hopes of defending freedom

Our lives

Our rights

To you, we owe them all

Though total strangers,

we owe you a debt that we can never repay

A gauntlet was thrown to the ground,

And you lept into the fray

The call was answered

by you

A call to become veterans

A call to become heroes

Without You

Elsa Linden, 2015, 8th grade

Without you

Freedom would be little,

Education would be rare,

and opinion would be short.

Without you

Fun would be little

and friends would be scarce.

Without you

Love would be a mystery

and happiness would be forgotten

Without you

There would be no one to celebrate,

No one to look up to

And no one to thank.

Thank you.