2010-2011 CJH Employees of the Year!

Mrs, Beavers-Classified Employee of the Year

Her devotion to her job is phenomenal.  She does a wonderful job with the students she works with. She is always patient and kind.  She goes above and beyond what is expected.  A very solid employee that works well with all types of kids.  Definitely one of our all-stars! Does an excellent job with helping and directing the Life Skills students.  Always willing to help you out.  Nicole is very patient and is so flexible to meet the needs of students.  Nicole does a wonderful job with the students she works with.  She is always patient, kind and understanding.  We are so lucky to have her!  Nicole has brought a hard working attitude.  The atmosphere in which she works changes quickly and she adapts perfectly.  She has developed a trusting relationship with the students. She is dependable, cheerful and easy to be with.  Nicole is wonderful with the students in her care.  She finds ways for them to use their life skills here at CJH to prepare them for the next step.  She always seems happy to be helping the Life Skills kids or adults in the building.  Nicole does a great job with the life skills kids, always positive, encouraging, and empowering.

Mr. Cooper- Teacher of the Year

He’s a strong personality, a dedicated teacher, and an icon in the district.  His recognition as a teacher who exemplifies the finest in our profession is long overdue.  This man makes learning fun as well as meaningful.  He makes a connection and difference in so many students’ lives.  Fantastic classroom control, excellent teacher, students come back year after year because they admire and respect him.  Sets high expectations and then gives the students the tools to reach them. Mr. Cooper devotes a great deal of his time to the students in after school sports.  He is a hard worker, reliable, and doesn’t complain.  Mr. Cooper is very respected by the students and holds them to high expectations.