COVID Class Schedule

COVID Class Schedule
Posted on 05/05/2020

Class Schedule
On Mondays, teachers are generally preparing these materials while collaborating with their peers. Monday is a great day for students to compile emails from their teachers in an attempt to know what the week holds. Students can email back and forth with the teacher to get clarification, submit assignments, etc. See the weekly planner link below for one helpful option.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, students can break their focus into the class periods within if they like. The days and times will be when the teacher is focusing their efforts on that specific class of students. For students, thinking of it this way may make things a bit more manageable; however, it can sometimes create a bit of a bind as they end up with any larger assignments due later on in the week. Something to keep in mind, and one of the reasons we are asking teachers to push stuff out on Mondays.

On Fridays, your child's teachers should have some form of office hours with which to connect with students. At this point, almost all CJH teachers are choosing to have a zoom session either during their class-time on T, W, or Th, OR during their set office hours on Friday. It may be worth asking your child how each teacher "runs class" so that you can support him or her in this.

Weekly Assignment PDF
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